Clyde Waterfront Education

A river of learning, a stream of ideas

This is a valuable new http// educational resource to support teachers in the Clyde Waterfront area and to connect local young people with all the exciting developments happening along the river.

This is the first tranche - and there's much more coming soon

By December 07 we aim to have around 50 lesson/project ideas, increasing to around 100 by March 08, and with around 200 by early summer 08. Make sure you visit the site again soon.

The resurgence of the Clyde's waterfront is being driven by a staggering £6 billion of investment. It will inject new dynamism into the area, re-establishing the river as one of the main arteries of the Scottish economy. It will provide living, leisure and employment opportunities for thousands of people.

We'd like you to help us ensure that young HTTPS//SMART-TRADING.COM.PH people locally take advantage of these opportunities

On the water

Working boat on the Clyde Come down to the river and see for yourself how the whole area is transforming.

Working on the Clyde

Detail of Templeton on the Green Glasgow currently has growing employment with good job prospects in a range of sectors.

About Clyde Waterfront

Glasgow Science Centre Clyde Waterfront is Scotland’s single SMART-TRADING.COM.PH most significant urban renewal project - it will transform one of the world’s most famous rivers.